"Before Preseed, you had a mere will to do something out of the ordinary. Now you will have a rock solid idea to do."





Through the Preseed companies we intend to offer a new possibility to those who seek fundamental knowledge that empowers them, to be be the next generation of entrepreneurs. We will touch your lives from your childhood all the way into your million dollar journeys as business men.

Nishchal’s world of education is made up of communication and collaboration between people chasing a comman goal, a culture of tech entrepreneurship and mathematics.

Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to
make the ideal as near as possible to the truth.

- Swami Vivekanand

Nishchal is in submission to this duty for his whole life.

Listed above are his initiatives that if given 10 years, will change the status quo of the education system in the world. He thinks like a very few can. He sees more with eyes shut than open. Hire him and his team to IMAGINE for you. This team will become your fundamental unfair advantage.


We are a small culture in India called Preseed. We are a result of our founder’s words expressed on his blog, this website - www.preseed.in and all its associated links. His haters call him an objective asshole. You may too, if you can’t back your gut or ego with intelligent reasoning and facts. Even your belief in god needs to be addressed with that level of reasoning, just in case you wanted to touch that topic with him. For you are allowed to touch absolutely any topic in the universe with him. When he dives deep with you in realms that look subjective to you, he will still be being objective. He will have deep rooted reasons, and you will have to stretch your imagination to see those reasons. It’s on you fellows, like it is on us, his team. Only if he sugarquoted and had filters, our lives would have been less intense, and he wouldn’t have been called an objective asshole. If you are looking for lesser intensity and sugarquoting. This is a wrong place. If you are looking to build some meaningful company or build Preseed further, this is THE PLACE.

Disclaimer: We will be timeless in our results, but not in our objective conduct towards action. The result of which will be your great company. This blog must be read well and to great lengths, however, it will never be perfect or complete. It’s chronicling our reality, as it moves forward, by the day.

To us Nishchal is not an objective asshole. He is an all seeing eye, on a mission. And in that journey he cares about no one more than the mission itself. For it is in this mission he can actually take better care of one and all.

About Us

We are a network of well achieved tech entrepreneurs, on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. To do so, we are building a world class system through our products and services, to help you by laying this long lasting foundation and deep rooted culture called Preseed for planting your seed, your idea. Your faith in us, is how we will change the world. It’s not a cliche. It’s the truth of our state of being.

We believe that one of the most understated reasons, or largely a non-stated reason to fail is - to not start. Leave the matter of success and failure to perseverance; there is nothing more to success and failure. This is the fundamental the ideology of the Preseed is founded upon.

If we manage to give you a start, we have done for you what we have started Preseed to do. Read more »

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Contact us: love@preseed.in to speak with love about any of our above mentioned initiatives. We may deliver world class work or career in context to your scale and fit, but mostly on equity exchange from either sides of the table. Feel free.

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