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"Among Entrepreneurs, towards"

Freedom | Justice | Equality

The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely
a matter of mathematical or experimental skills.
- Albert Einstein

One such problem our founder has given up everything else for, is, the lack of actual freedom for billions of people.
The solution is, his idea of the future of freedom for billions of people to pursue their loftiest, unchained visions,
through the power of his tech product, Chattodo.

Step 1 - To be the most productive chat app, ever.


Chattodo - by saving the world from too much social networks of talks.

Turn any chat into a delegated todo with just a touch.
A productivity app for mobiles clothed as a chat app. It makes communication more actionable and accountable.

Some other key features :
- A simple user profile by making it simpler and more relevant than About.me
- A hiring feature that aimes to democratize the Human Resource culture of the world such that a company may one day do, without a HR manager.


Step 2 - To disrupt the secondary education system, for ‘humans of ideas’ right from within chats on Chattodo.

Capability and Deliverability, not exams should be measures of education gained and it is these that should translate into educational degrees. The fundamental reason we embarked on the journey to build Chattodo is to disrupt the education system for people of ideas whose learning must be measured by the accomplishment of, ONE TASK DONE AT A TIME.

Know more about the probable stages and impact of Chattodo from its beginning to its maturity...#ai, #blockchain, #chatbots, #hardware, #vr

Step 3 - To then help build for the world, a more - original thinking, conscious, and enterprising human resource.

This an about a significant experiment we did to validate another important features of Chattodo, as a separate product, at the cost of delaying the launch of Chattodo. This below mentioned endeavour of ours will help transition the vision of social network of action to become, a social network of action upon ideas. Chattodo is being built to get integrated with this niche platform for entrepreneurs. Piggybacking on PreseedApp, Chattodo will be spun off as independent product just as was done when Facebook messenger was separated from Facebook. Note - MyIdealist is the code name we are using during the development phase for the PreseedApp.

Step 4 - To build a device that saves people from the constant noise of the internet.
(Content coming soon)

Step 5 - To use this device to take the world from representative democracy to direct democracy.
(Content Coming soon)

Step 6 - To create a drone attachment as a witness and an app - for change in the archaic criminal justice system of the world.
(Content coming soon)

2025 is our target year for the accomplishment of all of the above.

Definitely a hard market to crack, but not so hard that one doesn’t try to crack it thinking it’s a hard market to crack. You see the ideas happen out of a need or a problem identified much before the analysis of the market. We are good Samaritan first, then artists, and then we are businessmen. If it makes sense to be solving those problems we don’t care how hard the market is.

The stage of validation — Ultimately the customer is who we would like to get the ideas validated by and till we are away from the prototypes we can only hope that our instinct and our homework were bang on. Before customer the only important validation is by the teams that say ‘yes’ to working on those ideas, and that has been in our favor so far. Now we have the prototypes ready for all of you to check out by clicking on the respective links above.

For now, we are convinced with whims we are chasing. Something kickass will come out what we are up to even if what comes out of it is a failure. Preseed is a lot about the journey than about the destination.We are really a bunch of inspired people chasing common goals like colorful cashless hippies in harmony; and not businessmen just yet.

Having said that I’d like to believe that we are strong on our discovery of competition (similar apps and other related web products) to validate stuff by putting 2 and 2 together before taking the leap with the rest in the team to start the dev. on that particularly given idea. If we have developed the prototype that means, years of research and validation must have already gone into it all.

Everything else, by virtue of the above, is our culture which enables you to understand your own business from a new standpoint. The Preseed initiatives we intend to offer a new possibility to those who seek fundamental knowledge that can empower them, to be the next generation of entrepreneurs. We will touch your lives from your childhood all the way into your million dollar journeys as business men.

Nishchal’s vision of education is made up of:
1. Communication and collaboration between people chasing
a common goal (as indicated on the above + button)
2. A culture of yoga & tech entrepreneurship. (Preseed Ecell)
3. And, Mathematics. (Preseed Ed K12)

Nishchal’s mission of greater freedom to billions of people, spoken. Listen to it keenly.

Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to
make the ideal as near as possible to the truth.

- Swami Vivekanand

Nishchal is in submission to this duty for his whole life.

Listed above are his initiatives that if given 10 years, will change the status quo of the education system in the world. अगर आप लोग nishchal.preseed.in पर जाएं तो तो उनके बोले हुए शब्दों में पाएंगे कि मानव जीवन को वे और ज्यादा बड़ी आज़ादी देना चाहते हैं। So, the time to add political will with his goal may be nearing too, but more on this later. For now, through our words and prototypes you can know that he thinks as very few can. He sees more with eyes shut than with eyes open, to deliver the truth to us. Hire him and his team to IMAGINE for you. He will be your vision's unfair advantage, through simple.preseed.in with whatever little time he may have in hand for you on our request. In fact, it is to teach one right potential leader, well, Nishchal has decided not to waste time in delivering world-class mass lectures through our youtube channel. That potential leader may be the future CEO of Preseed. If you are a coder and think you can be our CEO, write to @Nishchal.

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We believe that one of the most understated reasons, or largely a non-stated reason to fail is - to not start. Leave the matter of success and failure to perseverance; there is nothing more to success and failure. This is the fundamental the ideology of the Preseed is founded upon.

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