"Before Preseed, you had a mere will to do something out of the ordinary. Now you will have a rock solid idea to do".



among entrepreneurs, towards

Freedom | Altruism | Justice

1. Through our virtuous portfolio software- chattodo.preseed.in.

2. Through our virtuous portfolio educational boxes & lab startup- math.preseed.in.

3. Through our own virtuous space - ecell.preseed.in.

The first 2 points above are our founder, Nishchal’s startups in Social Networking and Math, that you should dig deeply.

The 3rd point is about the space where we had physically incubated those two startups of Nishchal. Preseed and its spaces are being opened soon for you and your startups too. So that Preseed could aid you in building your startups the way Preseed aided in the building of Nishchal’s above mentioned two Startups.

So, we have been merely a tech incubator or assistance for Nishchal’s own startups.

Now we endeavor to be sharers of his and his team’s knowledge for you, our dear entrepreneurs. We are essentially made up of the human and leadership values that were used by Nishchal to build his narrative, teams, and software/math startups.

So, the narratives of Preseed are so strong and soulful, that lessons from our words will help you onboard your teams on equity commitments instead of salaries. These are the narratives with which Nishchal had started Preseed, and his products, Tododed.co , Chattodo.co, and MathEdLabs.com - by replacing money with inspiration. In fact he has built his products to enable you to achieve exactly that culture of leadership, our dear founders, in a scalable way.

Nishchal wants to give greater freedom to humans in order to make a few among them, a new breed of conscientious humans. We believe that the right time has come to fulfill that goal through this incubator and his other products/startups.

This is also the right time for political will to join that same entrepreneurial goal. For our political will just know our founder, and his works by exploring the links on our menu bar. DO UNDERSTAND PHILOSOPHICAL DEPTHS of this world of Nishchal represented in great detail through this website of Preseed. It will instill in you the drive to do something really innovative.

His main startup, also our main portfolio startup:

“I journeyed into Preseed to empower those with a will to do something out of the ordinary - by often encouraging them to drop out of their colleges or jobs to pursue their lofty ideas, if I felt I could raise their intensity to face what may be coming. Why? Long ago, I asked myself the question about what is the one thing I must do with my capabilities - the answer I got was - I must do everything I can, to give our world, better leaders. As I progressed I was able to marry in vision, my previous failed social networking startup of 2009 to become now, a more conscious social network vision, to produce the goal of producing better leaders”.

- Nishchal, in 2014

6 years forward, and we understand how unfathomably complex this problem is and how many facets it has from education, politics, judicial system to religion and spirituality, if it is to be attempted truly conscientiously.

"The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely
a matter of mathematical or experimental skills".
- Albert Einstein

One such problem, our founder, Nishchal, has given up everything else for, is, lack of actual freedom for billions of people. The solution is, his idea of the future of freedom for billions of people to pursue their loftiest, unchained visions, through the power of his tech product, Chattodo-a social network of work deliverables, or, A SOCIAL NETWORK OF ACTION.

10% - Preseed keeps about 10% equity in Nishchal's portfolio startups. 100% of the wealth Nishchal will make through his exits at Preseed will support the making of OUR POLITICAL PARTY. (The other stake holders are free to make their own decisions about the wealth they will create for themselves by working with Preseed).

Anyway, the founder is the company's culture and manifesto. If you know our founder, you know what can happen in favour of India if he is successful in building this incubator, Preseed, exactly as envisioned. So far he has given Preseed its action, altruism, unwavering will, two portfolio startups (his own products), space and culture. He is shouldering the responsibility from the front of bringing about the changes in the world reflecting from those of our portfolio startups (that are majorly owned by him), words and culture at Preseed. Join us on this mission dear lover, friend and foe. For this is a mission about your own country and your global fellow beings.

Lastly, if you know Y Combinator, wish for Preseed to become the Y Combinator of India. Also wish that Preseed's portfolio startups are successful as widely as the startups of Y Combinator were, in the near future.

PVPL Legal - This is our publication for our legal drafts, policies, collaborator contracts or term sheets. From here all those who want to shake hands with us can find our terms. This publication is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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This tweet can only be truly undestood after researching Nishchal. Here a 10+ billion dollars value company, Slack, is appreciating Nishchal's first product in 2016.

Our Math Startup demo

Nishchal's vision for our children.