"Before Preseed, you had a mere will to do something out of the ordinary. Now you will have a rock solid idea to do."




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" Yoga is the union with all. So, regardless of the struggles, YOU remain blissful."

we COACH, ADVICE & CONNECT entrepreneurs with the right set of people vis-à-vis Preseed Yoga.

at (Optional - because we can deliver it over calls & cafes too) :

Our modern ashram
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To say the least, our constant advice may help you understand your business ahead from some new stand points, perhaps, over a noticeable period of time. This will give the required meaning to your existence, when you are in doubt, so as to keep you going towards your goal, relentlessly.
However, we are not just business consultants - We are also hustlers. We get things done for you, just as we get them done for our own product that we are building for the future beyond 2020 - Idealistr.

This is our founder, Nishchal. He thinks like a very few can. He sees more with eyes shut than open. Hire him and his team to IMAGINE for you. This team will become your fundamental unfair advantage.

Contact us: love@preseed.in for any of our above services. We deliver world class work in context to your scale and fit. Feel free.

The sole purpose of our business service Preseed Yoga is to make people capable enough so that they break their limitation and come to a state of freedom.

Are you here to have us flow your startup deal in among our network of investors?

We hustle with you all the way to facilitate investments for your startup, and we take some commission for brokering that deal. But that is the last and least of what we will do. That is merely a by product of what needs to be done on you, for you, that you get investment itself in the first place.

Dealflow is not about floating some deal to an investor like a broker. It is about being able to tell your story better than you can. I mean you can blow your own trumpet, but understand the difference between you blowing your own trumpet. Furthermore, understand the difference between anyone else blowing your trumpet and us blowing your trumpet. Dealflow is about story telling of your brand to be. It is not just for the investors but also for your teams. It is that which creates a possibility of ‘inspiration’ for your business. Inspiration because when we evangelise, we don’t just sell, we inspire.
Your measure of on boarding us, must be, in your ability to gauge if we can be the best story tellers you can have, such that, even in your absence your story is not only told, but also heard with awe and inspiration. At this stage of your startup, your story will sell better than your status quo.

We understand that the Preseed stage of any startup is made up of its early team over dialogues made up of roles, responsibilities and associated rewards. We take this among you all into contracts, so all of you are bounded with each other over clarity. Legal also includes Incorporation, IP and legal/statutory audits.

How do we understand your story?

We spend countless hours in conversations with you, recording those conversations, editing them wherever necessary to send it to the network of our mentors to hear it to improve it and then training you to internalise it as not just your story but now a collective story of you and Preseed team together in context to your business. It is in this story that the face value of your team gets the face value of our team too. It is in this story that you ultimately raise money, repeatedly. It’s not a one time act. It is in this story that we on-board people for your team whenever we find one. It is in this story that our team and your team get synchronised, (or any team, because we tell it so) as if one.

For doing so, we take an upfront minimum equity. This is the only reason why we would invest our time and energy on your startup. Even listening to your story, your pains, your business or your dream, will cost us time and money; with effect from now. We will charge for it upfront.
Step 1 - Please dig the termsheets on our medium essays to understand the terms.
Step 2 - Copy and paste them, sign them and send to us.
Our contracts are non negotiable in nature. They are standards we follow with every startup.
For any further query, call Amit on 98382 03920

What we intend do for you, over a long term, say a 5 year long relationship, is rambled below. We will not be involved in the day to day operations of your business by any means please. We will do the thinking towards the acts of your day to day just as you would expect from a proactive and preventive head of business strategy. Preseed Yoga service is your most significant decision for your business, for our advise and connections, can change the game -

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This is our flagship business service — Nothing about Preseed yoga is a yoga as a cliche. This is the real yoga for entrepreneurs. Shapeless formless definition-less.


Karma means action; an action can either bind or liberate you. If action is in pursuit of happiness, it binds and if it is an expression of happiness it liberates. Only if your action is an expression of your joy it is worthwhile otherwise it is just an exploitation.


There are certain rhythm which governs the functioning of life and existence. These rhythm can be called as laws or Dharma. Dharma exist at every sphere of life. If an action or Karma follows the appropriate rhythm or Dharma then it is correct in existential terms otherwise it is destructive.


Being available is seva. Like the Sun, the wind, fruits etc. The most fundamental law or Dharma of existence is Seva. Seva appropriates life and gives a meaning to it.

" When Karma, Dharma and Seva falls in the same line then the whole effort is called as Karma yoga. At some point the whole economics of India was designed on this line and evidences prove that it is the most successful and holistic. We endeavour to revive it. "

  • From Push Start to Self Start
  • Enhanced Decision-Making Capability
  • Enhanced Focus and Attention
  • Mission Oriented Culture
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Simplicity and Efficiency
  • Leadership that Inspires
  • Increased Sense of Collaboration and Innovation

Rise in productivity by 20-40% within a year.

Reduced attrition by 30-60% within the first year.

Enormous boost to inhouse innovation.

60-80 % transformation in the corporate environment within a year.

Rise in the brand value by a factor of 10 within 2-5 years.

The 20-80% rise in the creative aspects of individuals results in high creative index of the company giving enormous boost to inhouse innovation.

We don’t deal with investors who look to negotiate on our terms already established with our startups towards the benefits of Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd. If they do so, we will consider it a breach of our understanding with the investors and will look to call of the deal. Investors, please download this agreement.

Our Future Plan

We are planning a 3000 students hostel space in the lap of Himalayan nature to address students who want to drop out of their colleges or have one year to spare to live and travel the Himalayas with us.

For Now

We will address your business and spiritual curiosities through video conferences over a large screen at our location. Our attempt will be to help you transition your curiosity into something more meaningful, scalable and structured, likely as a startup.

We have researched for years about the kind of content we would like to place in front of you. The kind that will teach you fundamentally about not just how to build a great startup, but also what problems to think about and how to think it well.

Support Us

All income we earn, by selling you our novel notepads, we put back in this system called Preseed, so it can grow to further support as many entrepreneurs as possible. Preseed notepads will have content thoughtfully placed to educate you in building new age startups and in turn will inspire you to pen down your thoughts. Furthermore, it will double up as a small bag. (Pre-order button coming soon). Until then, buy our other merchandise here.


Simple enough to be spoken about in 1 line. Simple enough to be scaled out of proportion with a very small team.

It takes a certain hippie like liberated perspective to build businesses with simplicity as the guiding principle. That perspective leads us to two core values in our products, usability and lean -


After vision this is where we spend most of our time. We keep it to what's needed and where it's needed. Nothing that is not needed will ever find its way into our products.

Design is more important than engineering in the consumer web space. One of the problems we see in this space in India is not of that of engineering. In fact India produces strong engineers. It's a problem of design, for India seriously lacks consumer web 'design' sensibilities. The reason stands - lack of geeks here marrying some seriously cool people. We hope that someday we are able to teach that to India through our products.

"Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-app. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. After all, if users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist." - Vitaly Friedman


We take it a step further. Lean is how we live, let alone build stuff. We 'build, measure, learn, repeat'and never raise funds without setting it right.

Bootstrapping has its own entrepreneurial lessons that cannot be learnt without self experiencing them. We iterate, customer validate and reiterate. If we fail, we also fail fast, we re-iterate even faster and all of that, at minimum cost implications. In short we make sure we customer validate the products before we look to move to the next steps of development. Shit gets done in least amounts of not only money but also time.

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late." - Reid Hoffman

The 4 pillars of any business endeavor that we like to advise and connect towards, are:


Brand positioning, Ideation, User Experience, Need - Value - Gap analysis, thought experimentations, design advice. Even pivots for better market fit if need be.


Client's ability to deliver their products and services efficiently with sustenance and scale. Next round investment readiness.


Influence thought and hence, internal as well external ecosystem through intangible contributions. As a result an innovative culture will be infused across your company. The culture then becomes the magnet.


Includes all types of communication. Internal - Far greater productivity using just the right set of tools on your mobile. We know about nearly all of them, that can increase your productivity. External - Branding, Packaging, Design, Marketing etc.

About Us

We are a network of well achieved tech entrepreneurs, on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. To do so, we are building a world class system through our services and later, an app, to help you lay a long lasting foundation for planting your seed, your idea. Your trust in us, is how we will change the world. It’s not a cliche. It’s the truth of our state of being.

We believe that one of the most understated reasons, or largely a non-stated reason to fail is - to not start. Leave the matter of success and failure to perseverance; there is nothing more to success and failure. This is the fundamental the ideology of the Preseed is founded upon.

If we manage to give you a start, we have done for you what we have started Preseed to do. Read more »

The Preseed Newsletter

We have researched for years about the kind of content we would like to place in front of you. The kind that will teach you fundamentally about not just how to build a great startup, but also what problems to think about and how to think them well.

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We have enabled many entrepreneurs personally with an improved idea. See us in action


Here everyone is building upon an idea or an ideology

This is our (COUNTER)CULTURE where people BUILD before they learn, earn or burn

While the sheep be watching, we be building the new: Preseeded

Our product www.preseedapp.com will scale up our cultural act of building Preseed into a product act to serve millions of entrepreneurs across the world and not just a handful in our neighbourhood.

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