These are the works that are cooking here. This is the food that keeps us going. But not for too long. We need fuel, for our vehicle is finally ready to roll!

Dharma, Karma and Sewa


Karma means action; an action can either bind or liberate you. If action is in pursuit of happiness, it binds and if it is an expression of happiness it liberates. Only if your action is an expression of your joy it is worthwhile otherwise it is just an exploitation.


There are certain rhythm which governs the functioning of life and existence. These rhythm can be called as laws or Dharma. Dharma exist at every sphere of life. If an action or Karma follows the appropriate rhythm or Dharma then it is correct in existential terms otherwise it is destructive.


Being available is seva. Like the Sun, the wind, fruits etc. The most fundamental law or Dharma of existence is Seva. Seva appropriates life and gives a meaning to it.

When Karma, Dharma and Seva fall in the same line then the whole effort is called as Karma yoga. At some point the whole economics of India was designed on this line and evidence proves that it was the most successful and holistic. We endeavour to revive it through Preseed For, here, all products we build are true to the altruistic values expected only from a non dogmatic yogi.


We are making life-changing products to let people discover their "true calling".

We don't even like to call them startups. That is why this page is not /startups. They are simply brands beings laid with a lot of care and depth of a pure breed thinker.


Turn any chat into a delegated todo with just a touch.

A productivity app for mobiles clothed as a chat app. It makes communication more actionable and accountable.

Math Ed Labs.

India gave birth to Math. The academic system made it a subject students dread. We are looking to make math fun, so some of us can revisit astrology as mathematicians, the way our rishis did.

Save the world by aiding a company who is working tirelessly to save the learners and doers, students and workers — from too much social networks of talks, by giving them —an artificially intelligent social network of action as a chat app for collaboration, communication, education and action.

Support our fundraisers

These are the various fundraising campaigns with which you can help us. Support us in our endeavors to make this world a better place for our children.

Archimedes said if he were given a long enough lever and a place to stand, he could move the world. We have a lever but not the place to stand yet. Give us that place to stand.

MathEdLabs Indiegogo Fundraiser

Everyone is talking about the importance of learning coding. Hardly anyone is talking about the importance of Mathematics in high level coding for algorithms, big data, and artificial intelligence. This is Nishchal’s attempt to strengthen students' Math foundation. Support the Indiegogo fundraiser by advance booking the products. (Coming soon)

Pre-order our math table we have very thoughtfully created to deliver on your address 1 month after 100,000 units are booked. It's priced at Rs. 10000/- or $170. If 100,000 people order it in the next 6 months, we will not only have the money to do what we are doing in India, with now fierce freedom and independence. We will also become a story for the world.

Chattodo’s Milaap Fundraiser

I had built a web app called with an able team. I believe it could be a game-changer sort of a product in two markets 'productivity' and 'social networking'. Many suggest its novel enough to be of some interest for acquisition by other productivity tool majors as soon as we have it be scalable and with 10x more users. It seemed very doable going by the seeming strength and spirit of the past Todoed team. However, I believe Todoed will be a major in itself. It will be the door to productivity for the new age of work which is done on browsers, mobile and chats. It's not here to get acquired. It's here to build something grand. We were at over 1500+ downloads. CNET, and PC World wrote fair articles about us. In short: It's a text clipper that turns any text on browser into a task. It's just a chrome extension for now. Soon, it will be on all devices and other significant platforms. But most importantly, Todoed is no more Todoed, it is Chattodo. It is becoming a full-fledged social network of action in its new avatar. We need $100,000 to get to the next phase of the development of this app to get to a stable MVP. And we will further need $100,000 for initial distribution and growth of it. That should be enough for us to be in the hands of 100,000+ active and meaningful users. That however, will just be the start. This money will keep us well sustained for well over 1 year as we craft the path for growth. That is what we are looking at to say the least. If we are sustained without distractions of sitting for another round of investment for 1 more year. We would be set right to be creative and explosive; more than Slack. b) My work in non physical form (is also work) - Phone - Written to you about earlier. Everything else - What I do as tangible physical work, I will find others to help me build. It's pretty straight forward and to an investor's mind, the exit may seem clearer when they are spoken to about a product like Todoed and not a business of a founder's lifestyle, however progressive. So what I do as work in non physical form is my lifestyle, I feel only my family, my fellow beings, could help, for here, I can't think in terms of projections or presentations, or rather I don't have time to. I can only think in terms of equity stocks in how many important products of the future can we have as mere advisors sometimes, to say the least. No monetary investment, and yet, equity stocks in some important companies of the future. So, the below mentioned is about how I spend the other non working half of my day, i.e. the time I am not dreaming and building a product that can make the world more productive - Todoed. Proceed reading if you allow me half an hour of your time to hear my whim, long term obsessive whim, in mere words, and no numbers. The website of Preseed is my narrative on my work in physcial form, and non physical form both, in brief, that together form my complete whim in a day. -: I am building a very important company around my lifestyle, a lifestyle of a pre-seed. The state before there is a seed. The most boundless state of them all. I live in that state. How can then the foundation of my company be any different. Such is the foundation we are building our company upon, I affirm, however, the result will depend on, my leadership here on. Support Nishchal to continue this work by donating to his personal Milaap fundraising campaign


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