These are the works that are cooking here. This is the food that keeps us going.

"I am Nishchal Kesarwani. I have prepared this page for pre reading by traditional Indian investors that may be interested in investing in Chattodo. Please read everything here before you ask us to send the deck. I can be reached on 8810789991 anytime by anyone in matters that benefit Preseed. Drop a SMS with reference to this page and information about you. I will get back within a week for sure". - Nishchal, 2022

It could be you

We need money now to get to the launch ready version. The app has not been publically launched and hence, has traction only in double figures. Therefore, there has been no need for us yet to have dabbled in cost or revenue projections.

I bring to YOU our need for a minimum of $200,000 to build a 'launch worthy' productivity tool as a chat first application for android as our first step towards this vision expressed as step 0 to step 2. At modest estimates, I envision 1 million users in one year with just that much money.

1. Chattodo

Turn any chat into a delegated todo with just a touch.

A productivity app for mobiles clothed as a chat app. It makes communication more actionable and accountable.This is where we start. One day this start will deliver to the world, a social network of TRUTH.

Chattodo Valuation

$2.5 million, by Berkus method of valuation. Follow this link to know why. Non-negotiable, for if you are investing in us you already feel there is a potential of billions of dollars in value creation. $2.5 million today is 1/1000th of that value creation potential.

I know there are a lot of Sunny Kesarwani's out there, just like, we are all the same, but only in our absolute silence. The moment we start surfacing after our long silence, as individuals, we realize there is just one Sunny Kesarwani, who decided to say no to all opportunities where traction and team were a far easier find. I decided to chase a chat app instead, in spite of the world of potential colleagues that thought this won't work, because the world doesn't need another chat app. Let's understand that one of us out of millions of us can be allowed to break the rule of getting to an investor before traction, because he is building a product that cannot come out as a MVP. Give me a minimum of $200,000 absolutely now and let me have my team full time. In three months we will build the most beautiful chat app in the world. Then give us the rest of money to launch it to the world.

There is no criteria for minimum value we may agree to, for, to have a good man as an investor, a man whose vibe I like, we may be willing to lower the monetary value of Chattodo.

In the short term:

1. 1 year - The next round of investment our value, and hence your investment’s value, will be doubled with just 1000 active users.
2. We can bring back to life the dying billion dollar products like Evernote, wunderlist (microsoft), alive if they acquire us.
3. We have our eyes set on exploring a multi-million dollar part buy-out by Angelist.

Exit in the long-term for the investor - Whats App was acquired for $20 billion in 6 years. This will be too. By who? Facebook. Why? Facebook wants to be number 1 in work collaboration space too, which we will win. Who doesn’t want to own an effective communication tool? Microsoft, Google, LInkedIn to Indian - Airtel, Directi, zoho? However, we desire to go the IPO way

Chattodo needs money.

Be my guide in building the next generation Facebook in the next 5 years.

Do read the description of this video in YouTube.
We have developed the prototype, not the launch version of the app. Why? Like we said above - just imagine, will you use a chatting app in 2017 which looks and feels worse than Whatsapp, Slack, Snapchat or Fb messenger? We won't. So for us to make the presence of our app felt, we must spend at least 100 thousand dollars to actually build a finger licking beautiful product to launch it with the optimism that it will eat up some of the market share of communication away from Whatsapp, FB messenger and Slack. This implies that every waking hour of ours must go into the broad understanding of the market, vision and team camaraderie first; then the development of the app, then the launch of the app, and then following of metrics and somewhere along the way, dabbling in projections will happen.
No traction yet for the main mobile app. Why? Why am I still pursuing investment when there is not even a launch? Because this product is about a chatapp. Chatting apps cannot be made and launched as half baked MVPs for the world We need investment to support the team so that our great team can continue to build a great product with some confidence in the captain, that is I, that I will take care of their bread and butter. Not everyone required in this team will have the same appetite for risk as I. Traction we have achieved so far: None. So far we were not chasing traction. We were fighting personal odds and chasing a vision & design that required years of sacrifices away from the norms of chasing traction common to apps with lesser time to chase vision, because they are too busy chasing the incremental changes in the status quo.

Peter Thiel became a billionaire by investing half a million dollars in Facebook before anyone else. Today he runs a fund which has invested in some of the world’s best startups.

Chattodo has a similar potential. You can be an investor in it by investing a half of what Peter

Standard traction and founder coding question?

Why the standard question of traction may not be the most appropriate question for a moonshot innovation in its nascent stage when founders are seeking support from investors to continue their R&D towards launch?

For now, let's turn the lens on another kind of traction- which we have already created- meaningful moments and activities noticed by users, media and the tech community.

I often wonder if my life would be the same inspired life if I was chasing traction instead of a chasing a world changing vision which did not fit the bill for the rule of - build MVP - followed by traction, before I could raise money. Please tell me how I would then change the world for the better?

Start-up land is littered with failure.

Every hack on smart investing will preach that before approaching an investor you must have dragged your feet over the thorns littered over that holiest of grails- TRACTION. For after all what good is a business that does not yield profits? Yet, if that critical question on TRACTION is duly asked and answered before any investment, why the high rates of failure and a subsequent celebration of failure as the norm in start-up land? Could it be that the holy grail itself is flawed in a period where most of our problems have been solved or are perceived to have been solved to an acceptable degree beyond which improvements are not possible in a human, hence imperfect world?

I say YES.

Most start-ups offer incremental changes, but what if you had a moon- shot innovation for a problem the world has ceased to consider as one. Or a problem considered solved?

Moonshots, by their very definition, need to be hurtled until something big is identified. The innovation after that identification might take time, in some cases, a very long time. (Would you not say that the problem you are addressing is a blind spot- that the best in chatting-productivity has been achieved and that is just the start of the moon shot you must make to disrupt existing models of education?)

Read step 4 on

Imagine, if you were the only person with the vision that there was scope for yet another chat app for people who were looking to be productive over chats and the rest of the world did not agree with you.

Imagine if you did not know how to code, nor did you have the time to learn how to code. No big deal there. Watch what Sam Altman has to say about this:

Yes, you can’t code, don’t have the time to learn so you hire the best to code for you. It must not surprise you that great people come at a cost. Those great people may have had a life of their own before they met a vision that I imparted to them and wished to be consumed by it but for the mundane but real considerations of everyday living.

More so, one requires neat sums of money for the world will not accept a MVP that challenges its collective blind spot.

So, my challenge is to manifest a never-before vision into a finger-licking good looking product that elicits a collective gasp of “why did we not see that earlier”, from the world.

(To those who repeat the trite Form Follows Function rule, let me quote just one example- Snapchat, that turned that norm on its head. It was a beautiful but tedious product to begin with. It bettered itself over time)

Money, of course- now.

Traction, not just yet.

So, let's let Preseed run in the nomadic boundless 'hippie, no excel sheet, no slide deck, no running after investors, no giving or taking unnecessary repetitive gyan. Let Preseed speak to partners and other vested interests after you, only through substantial results weighed only in millions of clear dollars and millions of users of our products. Until we reach there, we need your understanding.

Over next months

I want to learn revenue building with my advisors while working on :

1. Getting my current remotely distributed team under one roof, towards a
greater team efficiency through the motivation of consistent payment of salaries. Most of the money required is to go into hiring the team full time under one creativity inducing roof. Currently our team is not full time, they have a job, and all they ask is some investment in our company immediately so there is some job security they have in terms of salary and infrastructure to do good work.

2. Promotion of our app towards a strong proof of concept or market validation.

3. UI improvements such that the app becomes self-explanatory.

4. Social media feed system development on our app. (It already works on the
current version but not to a point yet, that it can break the compulsive feed
need habit of Facebook/LinkedIn etc. for productive people, however in 4 months
we will be able to achieve this for our active users).

5. iOS will be done to near perfection in these 4 months. Then we will be ready
for growth.

6. Investment from aligned investors with a track record in consumer internet,
such that money be no bar from there on.

7. Product manager and marketing head from a similar successful global company.
(I have been able to hire by inspiring so far. If I have money, I can inspire
and manage the best talent in the world to join me. I can do this job better
than any other job).

8. Equity transfers - 20% to tech team, 5% to design team , 10% to our incubator , 3% to advisory team mentioned here, rest to I. Then 20% as ESOP
and 10% to investor.

Marketing after an improved product post invesment

Once this is done my first step of marketing will be to go and pitch it to the best companies in Silicon Valley. is being planned and built for the future more than the present status quo.

Reading it will keep your awareness about us, all the way, to the future. We will soo pitch Chattodo to employees of companies like Twitter, Google etc.

For this I will be speaking directly with two of my good friends - YC Almunus, Sachin, who had also serveed as a Product manager Twitter. When that time comes. That is our core focused marketing which I will do myself. Through them I will try to get it into the hands of the employees of those companies. I will focus on that. That is the kind of start I want from my own marketing time spent.

So I build the product and pitch it to employees of top companies. That will be the highest use case of Chattodo I want to focus on that. And just that. It entails, building a great product, and then talking to great people about it.

Also writing to best media blogs in the world about it. I want the start of my personal marketing effort to happen from there. I will stick to what I am good at, writing, I will write a thorough article about productivity and the future of roofless offices and distributed teams. All the way to how ideas can be built without capital and with Todoed and some faith in one another. This article would have the potential to be read by 1000s of impactful early stage entrepreneurs.

2. Math Ed Labs.

India gave birth to Math. The academic system made it a subject students dread. We are looking to make math fun, so some of us can revisit astrology as mathematicians, the way our rishis did.


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Nishchal’s Action Oriented Mind.


Preseed Web Lab is the name we have given to Nishchal's mind. His mind has something of great interest to us - His vision for citizens of the world. In that he has decided to execute more than talk. So, look to stumble upon Nishchal's startups to see that vision manifesting through his preseed stage startups, for a journey until 2029. Basically, his mind has a natural backdrop made of long term solutions to complexed problems to be solved through a mesh of his startups, for Indian citizens first.

On his mission towards empowering those who have the will to do something out of the ordinary, he has covered some ground. By the way this is just a start. It is not going to be perfect. It wont please everyone. However, we have decided to dedicate our whole lives to the cause of his meaningful technology entrepreneurship, regardless. We hope we are able to be of some impact there. Infact, is a self sustainable innovation playground of sorts at where some of you inspired ones can build with us web products, upon ideas that aid me in the above mentioned goals. Some of those goals may truly have the potential to change the world. This is the pitch that formed the goal of conducting these talks. As a result, Chattodo got built and Math Ed Labs got built.

FAQ about Preseed Weblab
Q) Are you looking only for people to work on your specific ideas, Nishchal? If not, how do you pick one over the others? We came here through a general google search for Preseed funding for our startup. We found your webpage called The Simple fund through this link on the first page of that Google search result. Is your company Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd also an incubator or an investor of some kind?

A) Preseed is a virtual incubator* primarily focused on incubating Nishchal’s own product ideas first as listed below, which in turn are directly aligned with our mission of greater freedom.

Preseed takes inspiration in the way Nishchal thinks business ideas. Hence, it stays focused on finding resources to empower him on his products first. The vision for the fund above is also really to find an investor who can create this fund which in turn enables us to continue finding more entrepreneurs like Nishchal who really want to do something genuinely meaningful.

We have designed this website to look for people mostly to work on Nishchal’s own consumer web ideas represented in PRESEED WEB LAB. That is why Nishchal built Preseed in the first place.

However, if there is ‘someone with an idea’ and or capability that catches his fancy, we would be willing to put in all we can into that idea too. His experiences puts him in a fairly good position to make judgments about what/who to pursue and what/who to say no to. *An incubator that supports you like any other incubator but without a fixed physical space, or monetary investment. For us to support people who are self-inspired, just an internet connection at their homes is sufficient.

Future: The simple fund is merely a concept for now. We are however curating deals to build a fund around. So far the success we have achieved can be measured by how many startups have found TSF web page organically by searching a relevant keyword called ‘Preseed funding’. We have engaged with over 20% of such startups, meaning 20+ relevant startups ready to raise money. We are nearly ready to float a fund around our startup deal flow. If you are an investor, please get in touch with

In the laboratory
"Consider Preseed Web lab as my mental laboratory of sorts started merely to run experiments I believe in regardless of their business values and numbers. I look at problems only to solve them, or I won't look at those problems." - Nishchal

The grand topics India needs to hear see in action on our Youtube channel, apart from Samadhi and concientious entrepreneurship:

Social Network

"A social network has power. India owns none. Who is going to talk about it? WHo is going to build it? You won't. I know it. So I will" - Nishchal, 2009. In 2022, the protoype is ready. Why so long? For something to be concientious, understanding of consciousness is fundamnetal. THat stuff takes time.

Math Education

"Who is going to talk about the importance of Math Education for becoming vishwa guru? No Math no AI. It pains me to see majority of Indian students are troubled by Maths education". - Nishchal. Our first versions here are selling in marketplace already.

Women Empowerment

"The culture of women suppression was a truth. So women empowerment has a fine and respectable place in society. The topic of misuse of laws meant to empower women, however, not so fine. WHy? This is important to us and we are laying the ground for this discussion. There is plenty to learn on this front for us and the world. Let's challenge each other's view points for that is the way we have chosen in life. To learn anything amidst the world of narrative by lazy minds on Twitter". - Nishchal

Neighborhood Recycling

"As a matter of chance. WIll speak about it another day. However, I myself have lived out of recyling things while travelling across Indian Himalayas. Now, I want to do it in my neighbourhood in a larger way of sorts". - Nishchal

" I am a man who has been to non-matter and back. So, cut me some slack. " — Nishchal Kesarwani


One day our startups will have this SELF SUSTAINABLE HOME, Preseed Ecell, to co-live and co-work with us for a month, anytime in their lifetime. This time they spend with us here will change their life, fundamentally, forever.